Saturday, December 08, 2012

Famous Collectors: Jonathan Kellerman's Guitar Collection

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Jonathan Kellerman, New York Times bestselling author, houses his collection of 120 fine guitars in a humidity and temperature-controlled glass showcases which occupied two walls.

His guitar collection consists of D" Angelico, D' Aquisto and Stromberg archtops. a rare harp guitar, Hawaiin lap acoustics, classical masterpieces and a handful of electric solidbody guitars.

Kellerman started collecting guitars seriously when he first bought a 1924 Gibson L-5 guitar a label signed by Lloyd Loar. He then successfully completed collecting the four Gibson master model instruments with Loar labels by purchasing the three of the rest of the instruments namely,  1924 F-5 mandolin, then an H-5 mandola and after 15 years of actively looking for the missing piece, he finally bought the K-5 mandocello.

The most impressive piece of his guitar collection was bought from an auction at Christie's in 2007, the 1864 Antonio de Torres concert guitar. It is one of the most important guitars in the world, historically. He also has the 1903 Santos Hernandez flamenco guitar.

He first tickled the fretboards at age eight. Now in his 60's, spends a few hours a day playing classical music. He also went from rock to studying jazz to playing lap steel guitar.

Jonathan Kellerman wrote and published a book titled "With Strings Attached" which chronicles his personal tales of his quest for the ultimate tone.
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